Whether you are ready for a major project that requires “bone stock” restoration, right down to the inspection marks, or custom one-of-a-kind hot rods... it is a challenge we welcome.

Tell us your dream. We will brainstorm with you to make it a reality, with the quality, uniqueness, reliability, and look you want - as affordable a possible.

Bring us your system upgrades too. Maybe your car just needs some fine tuning. We can take it to the next level. From more horsepower, a better transmission, suspensions, brakes etc. - give us a call.

We are trying to complete as many eye catching/award winning projects as possible. In the long run, that gets us more clients and better deals from our suppliers who like being associated with cutting-edge designers and projects. We want to have your car turn heads for years to come... and give you the satisfaction you deserve.
Let’s have some fun!