Chad M's 1957 Chevrolet

We recently got a new build in from a long time client Chad M. The goal was to remove the engine, transmission, rear differential and chassis for a complete Chad M's 57 Chevroletoverhaul. The disassembly of the engine and transmission took place first. The engine and  transmission were then carefully pulled apart to begin the rebuilding process. It was deemed the transmission was in excellent shape only needing minor work. The engine how ever had 3 cylinders with shattered rings, I was able to turn the engine over with my bare hands. The engine was completely disassembled,  then photographed, bagging  and labeling bolts, taking notes, etc... This is to be a completely stock 100% original car that will feature no aftermarket replacement parts.  The body was then removed for refinishing  and rebuilding of the chassis and related components.

Check back on the process of this 1957 Chevrolet 210 2 door post.