Deja Vu 1965 Pontiac GTO

This project is going to be known as DEJA VU, this is yet another 1965 pontiac gto built by COYBILT. This car is a 1965 Pontiac GTO with a SERIOUS attitude, The car is being designed to look like something out of the 1960's instead of a modern pro touring car. We at Coybilt feel a 1960's road race/trans am theme is appropriate fir the car. The car is going to be a combined effort between COYBILT and the following manufactures: Borla Exhaust, Wilwood brake systems, Paradise wheels, Synergy Motorsports,American auto wire, Vintage air, Ron Davis Racing products,
Classic Instruments, Hogans racing, Wilson Manifolds, Automotive Racing Products, Original Parts group, Valley Machine Shop, TMI Products and Tavis Highlander concept renderings.

This car is going to set the nostalgia and pro touring crowd on its ear.

Here is a quick run down list of the hardware on this road racer battle ship.

ENGINE: twin mculloch supercharged 408 lsx with dual quad throttle body's, making 900-1000hp.
TRANSMISSION: T56 with twin disc clutch and quick time bell housing
CHASSIS: Roadster shop fast track with IRS
BRAKES: Wilwood 6 piston super lite's with 14 inch rotors and 4 piston super lite's with 13 inch rotors rear.
INTERIOR: Stewart Warner gauge font in factory gauge cluster, toggle switches like used in jags and cobra's instead of factory switches, 8 point roll cage semi tucked, factory buckets with TMI bolstering or low back buckets with heavy bolstering, etc...

FIBERGLASS PARTS:Hood, Trunk Lid, Inner wheel wells, Quarter extensions, Bumpers and Possible fenders.