Mike C's 1967 GTO

Mike C. came in to have the owner of COYBILT, Josiah Coy, take a look at and evaluate his 1967 GTO. The vehicle was in for some simple repairs, but upon inspection it was deemed necessary that his GTO was in need of a new frame, as the original frame was badly rotted out and poorly repaired.

A new frame was located, blasted, and powder coated semi gloss black. The frame was then fully loaded with Global West Components which comprise of upper and lower control arms,upper and lower trailing arms, springs front and rear, QA1 adjustable shocks,DELPHI quick ratio steering box, all new tie rods, center link, Moser 12 BOLT with 33 spline axles,3.55 gears, and a Tru Tack Posi traction carrier. This car should give a late model Corvette a good run for its money, in the turns or straightaways.

Upon removing the frame, it was found that the body was in need of rust repair. COYBILT had Mike come down and take a look and see what he wanted to do about the situation. Josiah Coy of COYBILT advised in disassembling the entire body and having it media blasted to see what other damage might be hiding under the paint. The body was disassembled and sent to the blasters. During disassembly parts were tagged and bagged for further restoration. When the body came back from the blasters, it was found that the body needed extensive work to replace its rotted out panels. COYBILT contacted Mike to give him the good and bad new., Mike looked at the car and gave the go ahead with having COYBILT replace all the rotted or damaged panels.

The panel list consist of the following: One Piece Complete Floor Pan, Trunk Floor, Inner Rocker Panels, Outer Rocker Panels, Quarter Panel Skins Left and Right, Trunk Floor Drop Off Extensions, Lower Door Patch Panels, Inner Wheel Houses, Outer Wheel Houses, Fender Patch Panels, New Hood, Lower CowlShoulders, Lower Cowl Kick Panels, Floor to Firewall Transition Patch Panels, Windshield Channel and Rear Deck Filler Panel.