Thanks for getting my AC going again, its nice to be able to cruise in comfort.
Michael C.
67 GTO

I am pleased to announce that I have fallen in love with the power of my 2006 Z51 Corvette, The Magnason supercharger, blower camshaft, long tube headers and exhaust have made this car transform into something I never thought was possible. The work you performed on the engine has made a trendmendous change in the cars sex appeal. It now has the sound to back up the looks and everywhere I go I get compliments. The car is just as docile as it was when it was stock, yet when punch it, it turns into monster. The power and torque output are amazing and I still can't believe the rear wheel numbers achieved, of which are: 591.1 RWHP and 504 RWTQ. I still get 27 mpg on the freeway at 75mph with this car! Your shops ability to turn out a quality product with amazing results are no doubt second to none. I would like to thank you Josiah for all your hard work on my Corvette,It really is my Pride and Joy.
Chris F
2006 Z51 Corvette

I would like thank you for all the improvements you have made to my 2005 Cadillac CTS-V, First I would like to thank you for taking the time to detail my car from top to bottom (it looks better then the day I bought it) The black paint is swirl free and is deep with minimal texture. I really was blown away you would not only help with the mechanical systems but restore the finish as well. I for sure will have you do all future service and performance modifications as long as I own the vehicle. Second I no longer worry about my engine mounts, trans mounts, or differential mounts. I can now use all of the cars potential with out fear of breaking a mount, I should also mention the fantastic job you did getting this car dialed in. I have to say this new tune is much improved and works excellent. I am very proud to be customer of you wonderful business, I really love the attention to detail you gave to my Cadillac CTS-V. I would say your business vision is spot on by saying "Build the ride of your Dreams". Now that my luxury rocket ship is up and running, I am one happy camper and would like to look into building a 1965 Pontiac gto convertible similar to yours.
Steve C

2005 Cadillac CTS-V